Affinity Home Care Nurse Receives Life Saving Award

In the world of healthcare, there are moments that truly define heroism, where quick thinking and unwavering courage can mean the difference between life and death. At Affinity Home Care, we are privileged to have a team of exceptional nurses, and today, we couldn’t be prouder to share a remarkable story of bravery and skill. Heather Lewis, one of our extraordinary nurses, has been honored with the prestigious Life Saving Award from the Charlevoix Chief of Police for her incredible act of heroism.
Heather demonstrated unparalleled courage and quick thinking by administering CPR to a fellow participant in a race who was suffering from cardiac arrest. Drawing from her extensive training and experience as a nurse, she recognized the gravity of the situation and understood the critical importance of time. Without hesitation, she began administering CPR, a life-saving technique that can make all the difference in such situations. Her swift actions and life-saving skills undoubtedly made a difference and successfully saved this individual’s life.
Receiving the Life Saving Award from the Charlevoix Chief of Police is a testament to Heather’s exceptional skills and selflessness. The recognition is not just a pat on the back; it is a celebration of her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. At Affinity Home Care, we couldn’t be prouder of Heather, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to her on this well-deserved honor.

As we celebrate Heather’s outstanding achievement, we also recognize the importance of CPR training and how it can empower ordinary individuals to become heroes in critical situations. It serves as a reminder that emergency preparedness and knowledge of life-saving techniques can save lives when it matters the most.

We encourage everyone to take a moment to learn basic CPR skills, as you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where those skills can make a difference. By equipping ourselves with the right knowledge, we can create a community of first responders, ready to rise to the occasion and make a life-saving impact.

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